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PIP-5048HSE 5000w 48v solar inverter + PWM solar charger 50A


PIP-5048HSE 5000w 48v solar inverter + PWM solar charger 50A

$1,049.99 $999.00 Incl GST

Available for order delivery 4 – 7 days

  • Built-in Equalisation Charge with timer setting
  • Higher bulk/float charge: up to 61V
  • Maximum DC up to 63V (48V)
  • Lighter, more compact design
  • Fuse protection against DC reverse polarity
  • Programmable modes on LCD, e.g. AC priority vs. Solar(DC) priority
  • Adjustable Bulk/Float charging voltage
  • Support major lead acid batteries
  • Indoor installation only
  • 3-stage battery charger max 60A
  • Wide AC input ranges
  • LCD + LED indicators
  • FREE monitoring software

Uplift your warranty from the standard 12 months to a full 3 years. All Warranties are serviced in Australia with free shipping of repaired or replaced goods back to your home. Add the number of extended warranties you require below, one per unit purchased.

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