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MPI 5K Hybrid Inverter


MPI 5K Hybrid Inverter

$2,843.30 $2,461.00 Incl GST

Available for Order Limited Stock 

  • Max 5Kw Grid-Tied System with 48V Battery Backup
  • Max 900V PV Input
  • Max 10Kw PV Array
  • 100A Battery Charger
  • Parallel up to 6 units
  • VDE / CE Certified

Parallel Card (+$66.00)

Parallel up to 9 inverters in three phase or 4 inverters in single phase by adding this card to each inverter. Enter the number of parallel cards required below. Note: you need 1 card per inverter.

Warranty Uplift (+$398.99)

Uplift your warranty from the standard 12 months to a full 3 years. All Warranties are serviced in Australia with free shipping of repaired or replaced goods back to your home. Add the number of extended warranties you require below, one per unit purchased.

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