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MaxxCell Battery Balancer T2

MaxxCell Battery Balancer T2

$119.00 Incl GST

This item: MaxxCell Battery Balancer T2
$119.00 Incl GST
$119.00 Incl GST
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MaxxCell Battery Balancer T2

Battery Balancing series connected 12 volt batteries is essential regardless of the chemistry in use. With Lithium though, it’s compulsory.

In series connected battery banks, due to the difference in the chemical composition and the internal resistance and or temperature of the battery cells, the voltage of each battery will be different during charging and discharging cycles. That is to say, the batteries will charge and discharge at different rates. Over time as these cycles are repeated, the difference in voltage will continue to increase leading to premature battery fatigue and ultimately failure. With Lithium 12v batteries you run the real risk of hitting the over charge or the over discharge cut-off voltage which results in the batteries internal BMS cutting power to preserve itself. Lithium 12v batteries in series to create 48v can reach this unbalanced state in under a month with some systems.

With a battery balancer, energy from the battery with a higher voltage is transferred to the battery with a lower voltage until they are balanced:

Balance Graphic

Battery Balancer Type 2

The MaxxCell Battery Balancer Type 2 is an improved design over our legacy balancing unit. We have opted for a DIN rail case to accommodate both cabinet and wall mounting options. A low power (10mA) display instantly updates the user with the state of balance between the 2 connected batteries. When ganged together with additional battery balancers you have a complete summary of your battery bank in a single glance.

Balancing current has been increased from 1Amp to 10Amps to keep up with extremely large banks. You can also balance any battery from 7 to 18V.

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Product Features

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Connection Diagrams

The MaxxCell Battery Balancer Type 2 can be installed by itself to balance a 24v pack or, in multiple parallel connections. Parallel up to the following, 48v, 60v, 72v, 96v, 110v, 220v and 240v battery banks.

Each battery balancer connects to 2 batteries or, 2 rows of 12v parallel connected batteries. Two pairs of battery connection terminal wires and one pair of parallel connection wires are included with the product for easy installation.

connection diagram

connection diagram 2

connection diagram 3

connection diagram 4

connection diagram 5

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