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Aeon Battery


Superior Performance. 22,000 cycles. The advantage of a lifetime battery solution.
Take full advantage of your home solar installation. The Zenaji Aeon battery delivers the best performance and lifespan for the domestic battery market. It is a scalable battery system that makes economic sense.

  • 3+ cycles per day 1
  • Extreme safety 2
  • 20 year warranty 3
  • 4 22,000+ cycle life
  • 5 100% Depth of Discharge
  • 6 Wide temperature tolerance


  • Zenaji Lithium Titanate

  • Use 100% of installed capacity
  • -40 C to 60 C
  • Max continuous power of 6C
  • 22,000+ cycle life
  • 95% capacity after 5,000 cycles
  • 3+ cycles per day
  • 20+ year lifespan
  • No replacement needed over solar
    installation lifespan
  • Designed for solar/wind storage
  • $0.12 lifetime cost per kWh
    (2 cycles per day)
  • Lithium Ion

  • Can’t use full installed capacity
  • -20 C to 50 C
  • Max continuous power of 0.5C
  • 2,000-5,000 cycles
  • <60% capacity after 5,000 cycles
  • 1 cycle per day
  • 5- 10 year lifespan
  • Requires replacement over lifespan of solar installation
  • Designed for automotive/mobile storage
  • $0.24 lifetime cost per kWh


Zenaji Aeon Battery

Zenaji's first product, the Aeon Battery is a leap forward in battery storage. Zenaji Aeon batteries offer the most robust, safest, longest life and most cost effective solution available in the world today. The Aeon Battery is designed for use in domestic and commercial solar and stand-alone energy storage installations.


We have developed manufacturing processes and a Battery Management System (BMS) which optimises the LTO cells, simplifies the battery design and reduces the circuitry required for effective cell management. With a minimum 22,000 cycle Iife and high maximum continuous charge rate, Zenaji Aeon Batteries take full advantage of solar & wind energy.

The average home has peak usage In the morning and evening. By cycling twice per day the Aeon Battery allows use of all available solar energy to provide stable power supply throughout the entire day. No other battery on the market has the cycling ability, performance, life span and high safety of Zenaji Aeon Batteries, making them a sound economic investment.

aeon battery

Take charge of your energy. Zenaji's Aeon Battery provides an economically viable lifetime solution for your home energy storage.

A scale-able battery system that makes economic sense

The Aeon battery offers the most robust, safest, longest life and most cost effective solution today. With a no frills design, the Aeon battery is easy to install, can be expanded in the future to provide you with peace of mind in your storage investment.


Easy system expansion


Horizontal mount


Simple lock security


Vertical mount

Lifetime solution

The Aeon battery lasts for a minimum 22,000 cycles and has a tough weatherproof aluminium case providing a lifetime energy storage solution.

Superior performance

Each Aeon battery provides 2 kWh of energy storage. With our superior cycling performance, it can cycle 3 times a day to take full advantage of your energy production and off peak energy.

Smart simple design

Inside or outside instaIlation easily mounted on a wall with a space efficient design and modern aesthetics (comes with mounting brackets)


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